Being faced with foreclosure causes stress and hardship for you and your family. It can be a frightening and trying time in your life, especially due to the uncertainty of what the future holds. Many people facing foreclosure do not realize that there are a number of effective and aggressive defenses available to them. A qualified New York foreclosure attorney will be able to explain all of the options to you and help you decide the best course of action for your individual circumstances. A legal strategy can be outlined and executed to help you achieve a positive outcome.

It may be appropriate for you to file for bankruptcy or a short sale of your house could be the best solution. You may be successful in receiving a loan modification. If there have been any violations of state or federal law and you have been the victim of violations of the Truth in Lending Act, immediate action can be taken to attempt to stop foreclosure proceedings.

Loan Modification

Are you in danger of losing your home to foreclosure? Let us help you save your home now. Don't think you can afford an attorney? Our fees are low and you can make payments over time. A loan modification can result in a lower monthly mortgage payment by permanently lowering the interest rate on your home mortgage and in some cases even lower the principal amount you owe.
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